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Early Career

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Euan has been a composer since the age of 8. His performance skills include Violin, Piano and Bb Baritone at Craigie High School (Scotland) as well as the Guitar and Percussion.
First major commission at 18 was ‘Acts of Union’ for a promenade theatre production (1998) at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival.

In 1998, Euan studied for a BA(Hons) Music with Arts Management at Dartington College of Arts Devon, where composition was the main focus. Works included:

‘Aura Blends’ for Guitar and Piano (1999),
‘Sicerat Imprincipio’ for two pianos (1999),
‘Enchantment’ for the Black Hair Contemporary Ensemble (2000),
‘Rubiyama’ for four female voices (2000).
‘Illusions of a New Found Planet’ (2001) for the Black Hair Contemporary Ensemble

In December 2001, Euan created a suite of 8 pieces which were inspired by Orkney and its Folklore, which were performed in the St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, Orkney.


Now in Lancaster, Euan is building on his performance and composition repertoire and is currently learning Erhu (Chinese violin).
Notable compositions have included The Message for Flautist Aine Lambert and Pianist Suzy Ruffles.
Euan has recently launched euansmithmusic.co.uk to promote and sell his music, skills and expertise.

Euan is qualified in Arts Management and has extensive event experience as an award-winning Students’ Union President, local authority arts officer and music event organiser, ranging from small-scale events to festivals.

As a composer and arranger with a specialism in electro-acoustic genres, Euan has written for film companies and ensembles from as far north as Orkney to as southern as Devon.

Bespoke services that Euan offers include:

  • arranging music for a range of ensembles using professional software
  • composition commissions for individuals, chamber ensembles or full-size orchestras
  • advice on music event planning, including licensing, health and safety and the fun stuff, the music!
  • arts funding advice including proof-checking funding applications

Contact Euan for an initial discussion, setup timescales and discuss a budget to suit your needs. Teaching rates can be found here.

Once you are happy to proceed, an initial deposit of 10% of the costs will be required upfront and can be paid here.

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