Rise (Orchestra & Choir) uses a virtual EastWest Hollywood Choir to sing the word 'Rise'. Score and Parts coming soon to purchase. (72Mb Download)

Invisible is Song 2 of 52 in 2016. It relays the tale of someone who pines for another, but isn't able to reach them. Hopefully, the universal feelings of longing and belonging ring true for you.

A collaboration between singer songwriter Greg Wood and composer, Euan Smith. 'Ghost of You' looks back at 10 years of memories in a vast, epic orchestral pop-rock style and is not to be missed. Mixed at Shireshead Studios, Forton.

Enchantment, piece that was written for the contemporary classical ensemble, 'Black Hair', from the University of York. The group comprised the six core musicians, but also used Dartington College of Arts' Students.

Dark Days is the first song of 52 that Euan has written, to challenge himself to write a song every week, to reflect on his experience of the world around him. By November 2017, 52 Songs will be made available to download in full.


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